Kordil Navigation Pro (KNP)

Kordil Navigation Pro (KNP)

Kordil Navigation Pro (KNP) - Multipurpose Positioning Systems

KNP is a system used in the positioning of almost all kinds of machineries, vessels and equipment that works outside. Having different standard modules, KNP can be used almost any work field. Currently available subcomponents;

  • Kordil EPS: Excavator Positioning System (3D)
  • Kordil CPS: Crane Positioning System (3D)
  • KNP - Crane Edition (2D)
  • KNP - Oil & Gas Rig Move Edition
  • KNP - Split Barge Edition
  • KNP - Spreader Barge Edition
  • KNP - Barge Edition
  • KNP - Dredger Edition
  • KNP - Piling Barge Edition
  • KNP - Deformation Monitoring
  • KNP - Floating Early Warning
  • Kordil BS: Bathymetric Survey and Processing Software
  • KNP - Grayder Edition (soon)
  • KNP - Dozer Edition (soon)