Hydrography / Bathymetry

Kordi performed hydrographic survey over an area of 1 million hectares as of Jan, 2020. Kordil is manufacturing single beam echo sounders (KBS200 and KBS30200) including acquisition and processing software (Kordil Bathymetry Studio software extensively widely in use in local market and by Kordil at many projects, also distributing world class survey system with cutting edge reputation. Some of our fields if competence in bathymetry:

  • Bathymetric surveys for ports, harbours, routes and construction
  • Integrated multibeam, singlebeam, side scan sonar, backscatter and water column surveys
  • High precision seabed topography and obstacle detection surveys
  • Low cost dual and single frequency singlebeam bathymetric surveys
  • Bathymetric surveys for ponds, discharge pools, rivers, channels with unmanned surface vessels
  • Multibeam scanning with ROV for underwater inspection

High Resolution Bathymetry with Multibeam Echosounder

Kordil have high resolutions multibeam echosounders in their inventory to perform high resolution seabed mapping from 0-600 meters depths. Kordil utilizes Norbit IWBMS series 200-400-700 kHz bandwidth multibeam echosounders with snippets, water column, back scatter and side scan sonar capable systems that is proven to be world class and top grade systems. With wide scanning angles, norbit can scan whole of a trench starting from coastal zone down to the bottom (210 degree scanning angle, which is 15 degrees upward from sonar head). With mobility of Norbit Multibeam systems, it makes it easy to install system on any platform such as manned rubber boats, as well as big ships.

The systems uses top class INS systems integrated, and providing very robust and reliable results in all applications that we are carrying out.

Norbit IWBMS Multibeam teknik özellikleri

  • Norbit IWBMS integrated IMU, GNSS, Side Scan, Snippets, Backscatter, Water Column
  • Range: 0.2 - 275 m (600 m opsiyonel)
  • Number of beams: 512
  • Beam angle: 0.5 degree (optional) 0.9 degree (standard)
  • Swath angle: 210 degree
  • Roll / Pitch accuracy: 0.02 derece
  • Heave accuracy: 2 cm veya 2% (True Heave™), 5 cm or 5% (realtime)
  • Position accuracy: Top grade RTK (Horizontal ±8 mm +1 ppm, vertical 15 mm +1 ppm)
  • Accuracy of sound velocity: 0.025 m/s

Component of Multibeam Echosounder

  • Norbit iWBMS multibeam echosounder
  • Applanix / Trimble dual antenna heading and position GNSS
  • Applanix MRU (Motion Reference Unit) for roll, pitch, heave
  • Applanix MEMS gyro; aiding heading out of position
  • AML SV probe
  • AML Base-X sound velocity profiler
  • Acquisition PC and secondary monitor for helmsman
  • Manual measuring tape with lead load for mechanical depth verification
  • Teledyne PDS top grade acquisition and post processing software

Bathymetry with Singlebeam Echo Sounder

With extensive availability of several echosounder systems, Kordil provides low cost bathymetric surveys without much compromising the seabed topography. Singlebeam bathymetry may not be very suitable to measure wallets and low spots, but is very convenient to use for detecting high spots, and performing good and reliable results in flat areas. Kordil offers singlebeam surveys to most of the clients because it is low costs and meets with so many costumer's requirements.

Kordil is manufacturing and distributing KBS200 single frequency and KBS30200 dual frequency echosounders which are made in house, and reduces the survey costs a lot. Kordil also uses its proprietary software package Kordil Bathymetry Studio which was also developed in house to serve customers and partners need with survey grade, industry standard complete survey package. The system is extremely mobile which fits inside a single transit case, with whole installation frames and apparatus including space for GNSS but not only for Sound Velocity Profiler.

The systems developed by Kordil always tested in real projects many times before shipped to customer. So far whole systems were delivered with 100% customer satisfaction and with return policy. So far, over 10 years, no system were recorded as returned.

Additional Information

Kordil uses premium domain names to help customer to find us. We are very conservative to provide reliable and accurate service to our clients.

  • Batimetri.com: This is the Turkish terms for bathymetry and is premium domain for search engines to find leading hydrographic bathymetry company in Turkey
  • Batimetristudio.com: This is the software package developed for Turkish market in Turkish and English languages. It is spreading overseas as well.
  • Bathymetry.com: This is the premium term for bathymetry with premium domain name, owned by Kordil.

Multibeam Bathymetric Map (Multibeam Batimetri Harita)Bathymetry Survey Vessel (Batimetri Ölçüm Teknesi)

Batimetir Pipeline