Offshore Surveying & Positioning Services; Hydrography, Oceanography, Magnetics, Sidescan, Subbottom, Sampling & Boring

We are providing hydrographic, oceanographic, geology & geophysics, geodetic surveys for offshore industry using hydrographic survey equipment (both multibeam and singlebeam systems), geophysical and geological instruments (CHIRP subbottom profiler and UHRS seismic instruments, side scan sonar, magnetometers and geological sampling instrumentation; gravity coring, and surface sampling), oceanographic equipment (acoustics current profilers, tide and wave instrumentations, discharge measurements, measuring and monitoring physical, chemical and biological parameters), and meteorological instruments which is essential for most of the offshore applications. Kordil have ready to use solution and services that provides turnkey services mentioned. In summary:

  • Hydrographic surveys for navigation safety, coastal and offshore engineering, and offshore construction including oil and gas.
  • Oceanographic measurements: currents, wave, tide, and physical, chemical and biological characteristics of sea water or inner waters
  • Subbottom surveys for crossing lines (pipelines and cable lines), ports and harbours, offshore platforms and underwater installations
  • Route survey against debris and route clearance surveys with magnetometer, side scan, multibeam, backscatter, water column
  • Research for unexploded ordnance along with a route or within construction or drilling
  • Archeological research with magnetometer, subbottom profiler, side scan sonar, and multibeam echosounder with

We are providing industry standard reporting for all surveys. Combining with our our make instrumentation and software packages supported with industry standard software packages and instrumentation, as well as survey vessels, we are dedicated to provide you all you need for a top quality surveying. Most of our profits comes from our efficiency and saved costs which our competitors cannot achieve. So that reason we are providing top quality services at reasonable cost.