Norbişt WBMS STX Multibeam Echosunder

Norbit WBMS STX Wideband Multibeam Sonar System for High-Resolution 3D Imagery and 4D Experience

Norbit WBMS STX is the first, ultra-high 3D resolution bathymetric system and the most compact sonars designed for use on all platforms. NORBIT uses rapid electronic scanning to combine proven 2D bathymetry into 3D georeferenced bathymetry and for dredge application, and 4D experience is achieved by visualizing the change in 3D bathymetry as a function of time.

The WBMS sonars are based on a state of the art analog and digital platform featuring powerful signal processing capabilities, offering roll stabilized bathymetry and several imagery and backscatter output. By having an external Inertial Navigation System (INS) connected to the sonar, ensure a fast and reliable vessel mobilisation for quality surveys.

The compact and lightweight form enables for simpler, less robust mounting infrastructure than earlier generation multibeam sonar systems. Low power consumption allow flexibility for installing on very small survey vessels. All these features increase efficiency and for sure quality.

Norbit IWBMS STX Multibeam Technical Spesifications

  • Multibeam, Side Scan, Snippets, Backscatter, Water Column
  • Depth Range: 0.2 - 275 m
  • Number of Beams: 512
  • Operating Frequency: 400kHz Nominal (200 - 700 kHz Frequency agility)
  • Resolution: Standard option: 0.9°x0.9° @400khz, 0.5°x1.0° @700khz
  • Swath Coverage: 5° - 210°
  • Power Consumption: 50W

Norbit IWBMS STX System Components

  • Norbit WBMS
  • AML SV sound velocity sensor