Norbit iWBMSh

Norbişt iWBMSh Multibeam Echosunder

Norbit iWBMSh- High-End Turnkey Multibeam Sonar System

iWBMSh was born from the combination of 400kHz (Frequency Agility 200-700kHz) NORBIT Wide Band Multibeam Sonar system and Applanix High-End OceanMaster (globally leading GNSS/INS) system which offers the highest resolution and accuracy of heading, heave, position, roll, pitch and velocity data of your vessel. iWBMSh stands in a different place among other Norbit products utilizing its high-quality sensors and capability.

The NORBIT Wide Band Multibeam Sonar (WBMS) is the most compact and tightly integrated (IMU, Gyro, GNSS, multibeam, side scan, snippets, backscatter, water column) high resolution sonar system in the market. It is a complete underwater survey and research machine with having Applanix OceanMaster embedded into the unit ensures fast and reliable mobilization and high-resolution surveys over a wide swath.

Applanix High-End OceanMaster technology blends GNSS data and acceleration data from an IMU and heading from the GPS Azimuth Measurement System to produce a robust and accurate full position and orientation solution. The WBMS sonars are based on a state of the art analog and digital platform featuring powerful signal processing capabilities, offering roll stabilized bathymetry and several imagery and backscatter output

The compact and lightweight form enables for simpler, less robust mounting infrastructure than earlier generation multibeam sonar systems. Low power consumption allow flexibility for installing on very small survey vessels. All these features increase efficiency and for sure quality.

Norbit IWBMSh MultibeamTechnical Spesifications

  • Integrated IMU, Gyro, GNSS, Multibeam, Side Scan, Snippets, Backscatter, Water Column
  • Depth Range: 0.2 - 275 m
  • Number of Beams: 512
  • Operating Frequency: 400kHz Nominal (200 - 700 kHz Frequency agility)
  • Resolution: Standard option: 0.9°x1.9° @400khz, 0.5°x1.0° @700khz, Narrow option: 0.9°x0.9° @400khz, 0.5°x0.5° @700khz
  • Swath Coverage: 5° - 210°
  • Pitch/Roll Accuracy: 0.01° independent of antenna separation
  • Heading Accuracy: 0.02° (RTK) @ 2 m antenna separation
  • Heave Accuracy: 2cm or 2% (True Heave), 5cm or 5% (RTK)
  • Position Accuracy: RTK; Horizontal ±8 mm +1 ppm, Vertical 15 mm +1 ppm

Norbit IWBMSh Multibeam System Components

    • Norbit WBMS
    • Applanix OcheanMaster (GNSS aided Inertial Navigation System)
    • AML SV sound velocity sensor