Norbit iWBMSe LR

Norbişt iWBMSe Long Range Multibeam Echosunder

Norbit iWBMSe-LR Entry-Level Long-Range Turnkey Multibeam Sonar System

NORBIT WBMSe-LR Multibeam Echosounder model is configured to have a surveying long depth range of 600 meters (200kHz operating frequency) incorporating the integrated features of iWBMSe systems. It is the most compact and tightly integrated (IMU, Gyro, GNSS, multibeam, side scan, snippets, backscatter, water column) high resolution sonar system in the market and a complete underwater survey and research machine with having Applanix Surfmaster (globally leading GNSS/INS system) embedded into the unit ensures fast and reliable mobilization and high-resolution surveys over a wide swath. The kit provides industry’s highest resolution multibeam side-scan and snippets for wide swath shallow water applications.

The compact and lightweight form enables for simpler, less robust mounting infrastructure than earlier generation multibeam sonar systems. Low power consumption allow flexibility for installing on very small survey vessels. All these features increase efficiency and for sure quality.

Norbit IWBMS Multibeam Technical Spesifications

  • Integrated IMU, GNSS, multibeam, side scan, snippets, backscatter, water column
  • Depth range: 0.2 - 600 m
  • Number of beams : 512
  • Operating frequency : 200 kHz nominal (Frequency agility 160-400 kHz)
  • Beam angle: 0.9 degree optional, 1.8 degree standart
  • Swath coverage: 210 degree
  • Roll ve pitch accuracy: 0.03 degree
  • Headinh accuracy: 0.02 degree @ 2.5 m antenna separation
  • Heave accuracy: 2 cm or 2% (True Heave™), 5 cm or 5% real time
  • Position : RTK; horizontal ±8 mm +1 ppm, vertical 15 mm +1 ppm
  • Water velocity accuracy: 0.025 m/s

Norbit IWBMS System Components

    • Norbit WBMS
    • Integrated Applanix Surfmaster INS (GNSS, IMU, Heading)
    • AML SV sound velocity sensor