Norbit iLIDAR

iLidar Suüstü Laser Tarayıcı

Norbit Turnkey Mobile LiDAR System for Complete Above Water 3D Point Cloud

NORBIT iLiDAR is the most compact terrestrial mapping sensor fully integrated with a high resolution bathymetric multibeam system. Performing multiple missions simultaneously, topographic and hydrographic data collection at the same time. With 300k data points per second in 30°x360° coverage it is an ideal tool for mapping above water surface terrain for a complete picture from a single pass. A robust single cable connects the IP67 iLiDAR sensor head to the topside Sonar Interface Unit (SIU) – with fewer connections, a rapid integration and compact size. NORBIT’s iLiDAR laser sensor is an all-new multi-sensing concept that combines multiple tightly integrated sensors into one hardware platform with a single LAN connection to survey laptop.

iLidar Laser Sensor Technical Spesifications

  • Infrared Laser Module: 1-20Hz time of flight measurements with dual returns
  • Frame Rate: 5-20Hz
  • Wavelength Peak: 905nm
  • Output: 300.000 points per second
  • Angular Resolution: Horizontal: 2° between every of the 16 laser, Vertical 0.1°-0.4°
  • Field of View: 30° Vertical, 360° Horizontal
  • Range: 100m
  • Accuracy: 2cm
  • Power Consumption: 8W


  • Built for Marine Environment
  • Fully Integrated With iWBMS
  • Single Cable Integration
  • Less Than 3 Kg