LinkQuest SoundLink

Linkquest SoundLink Sualtı Modemi

LinkQuest SoundLink Underwater Acoustic Modems

LinkQuest’s SoundLink underwater acoustic modems are designed to combat the three main obstacles in underwater communication: poor reliability, low data rate and high-power consumption. Using LinkQuest’s proprietary Broadband Acoustic Spread Spectrum Technology the company develops advanced underwater acoustic modems with state-of-the-art technologies outlined below:

  • Advanced modulation scheme for improved signal-to-noise ratio
  • Most advanced DSP hardware and software
  • Channel equalization to combat multipaths
  • Error correction coding
  • Automatic rate adaptation to combat varying noise conditions
With the innovative technologies, LinkQuest's modems have achieved significantly increased data rate (up to 38,400 baud), lower power consumption and unprecedented robustness. All LinkQuest's modems perform at a bit error rate of less than 10 which is equivalent to the quality of wire line communication. LinkQuest's extensive line of underwater acoustic modems outperform any competing products in technical aspects for both near-vertical, horizontal and extreme horizontal underwater environments.