Kordil EPS – Excavator Positioning System

Kordil EPS - Ekskavatör Konumlandırma Sistemi

Kordil EPS - Excavator Positioning System

Kordil EPS an integrated custom fitted positioning system for excavators and dredgers providing precision position information on a screen in 3D but in 2D form top and side view. Operator can see design, actual survey profiles in real-time. Survey profile is updated as dredged or as filled up. In addition, on completion of a part of work, excavator can perform an independent survey over the work area for surveyors to report. With Kordil EPS, work performance drastically improves twice more than an excavator without Kordil EPS or similar because of no time-consuming interruption by surveyors, and operation keeps going without any external assistance. Kordil EPS also provides safety improvement when performing near and on hot/live lines or structures. As it is difficult to guide the heavy machinery from the outside and requires too much efforts, the EPS brings serious performance and safe work.


  • Robust, durable and custom design installation
  • Convenient for 7/24-hour operation
  • Dynamic survey data profile update
  • Dynamic 6 design profile and 1 actual/survey profile on screen
  • Survey with joystick/push button (XYZ logging)
  • Real-time side and top view
  • No surveyor intervention required for good performance
  • Logging entire datasets received from the sensors
  • GNSS receiver can connect many optional differential sources for correction (CORS, NTRIP, Satellite Based, Shore Based corrections)
  • Shock and vibration resistant (suitable for jackhammers and rock works)
  • IP-69 waterproof sensor design (100 m)
  • User friendly and easy on the eye’s software

Technical Specifications

  • Horizontal Accuracy: 0.10° m with RTK or 1° m DGPS
  • Vertical Accuracy: 0.05° m at 20 m total boom + stick length
  • Heading Accuracy: 0.05°