ComNav Marine Ltd.


ComNav X5 AIS

ComNav X5 Class A Transponder

ComNav AIS is a security system that automatically informs your ship and other ships, as well as the coastal authorities, and allows the ships to appear and be seen instantly and dynamically. It shares information between the ships and stations such as identical data (identification information, technical measurements), navigation information (draft, dangerous cargo, port of arrival), dynamic information (position, real route, bow value, real speed, movement status). ComNav, X5 A class AIS system is produced for all types of ships operating in deep waters and offshore. The vessel position is provided by the Global Positioning System (GPS), while communication between the ships is provided by VHF radio. ComNav's AIS waterproof electronics are designed to IP67 standards, meet international compliance requirements including USCG, IMO, Wheelmark, FCC, IEC and EU standards, and are rigorously tested to ensure the highest quality and performance standard.


  • SOLAS, MED, CE, FCC, Inland Waterway and Industry Canada certified
  • Meets IMO Resolutions: A.694 (17), MSC.191 (79), MSC.74(69) , ITU-R M.1371-5(2014)
  • Built-in 72 channel GPS receiver complemented by an integrated GPS antenna
  • Standard NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000® and USB interface
  • MOB & SART alert tracking and Collision Alert
  • AIS data-target overlay on standard radars and multifunction chart displays
  • Effective port traffic management using Class A data
  • High-contrast, backlit colour display
  • Monitors vessels of Class A and Class B
  • IPx6 and IPx7 rated
  • CE and FCC for EMC compliance
  • Shock and vibration resistant


  • Power: 12 to 24 VDC
  • Power Consumption: <12VW
  • GPS Receiver: AIS internal 72 channels
  • NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000®
  • Transmitter x 1 / Receiver x 3
  • Frequency: 156.025 to 162.025 MHz in 2.5Hz steps
  • Output power: 1W – 12.5W automatic adjustment