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AML Oceanographic Plus X

AML Oceanographic Plus X

AML Oceanographic Plus X

AML Oceanographic Plus X is robust, easy to carry and designed for waters up to 500m, 5000m and 6000 meters deep. Whether more than CTD and SV is needed now or the option to add more sensors later is desired. 5 sensor slots allow to install other X Change ™ sensors beside the sound velocity sensor. It can be used as CTD by utilizing conductivity, temperature and depth sensors, also can be used as both SVP and CTD by adding sound velocity sensor. Depending on the sector and requirements you can configure your sensor configurations.

Plus X is a small vertical profiler that allows you to swap the instrument’s sensors in-the-field and on-demand. Like all other X Series instruments, the Plus X uses XchangeTM field-swappable sensors, now available for conductivity, sound velocity, temperature, pressure, dissolved oxygen and turbidity. Also ideal for long term, in-situ deployments with an optional UV•Xchange sensor for biofouling control. By eliminating biofouling-induced drift, UV•Xchange™ allows sensors to perform to their full potential on in-situ instruments. This means that sensor heads can be shared with other instruments.

Field-swappable sensors also streamline recalibration: instead of sending the entire instrument back to a recalibration centre, calibrated sensor-heads can be sent to the instrument. Changing sensors is easy: simply unscrew one sensor-head and replace it with another. The Plus X is designed for vertical profiling in tight spaces like launches or boats. The instrument includes a shackle and sensor cage, as well as an LED status indicator to simplify deployment preparation.

Available with Data Xchange to enable Wi-Fi communication, automatic data transfer, and integrated GPS positioning.

Technical Specifications

  • Recommended applications: Deep profiling
  • Sensor ports:up to 5
  • Optional remote sensor ports: 4
  • Depth rating:500 m, 5000 m, 6000 m
  • Housing material: 500 m: acetal, 5000 m: anodized aluminium, 6000 m: anodized aluminium
  • Sensor cage material: 500 m: acetal, 5000m, 6000m: anodized aluminum
  • Other applications: buoy / in-situ deployments, coastal monitoring
  • Communications: Rs-232, Rs-485, Wi-Fi (optional upgrade)
  • Baud rate: 19200, 9600, 38400
  • GPS: optional upgrade
  • Power source internally rechargeable battery, external
  • Data output: logs to memory, real-time output
  • Length 500 m: 860 mm, 5000 m: 881 mm, 6000 m: 881 mm
  • Diameter: 100 mm (4.0″)
  • Biofouling control: optional upgrade