About Kordil

Kordil was founded in 2009 in Istanbul by a few specialist experienced in international companies with cutting edge reputation in their field, specialized in offshore surveying, offshore installation, positioning, geodesy, geomatics, mapping, GIS and marine construction. Kordil also have a solid partnership to carryout multidisciplinary projects related to marine industry. Kordil has an r/d facility developing various systems for worldwide clients. Kordil has its proprietary software packages used in commercial market as well as custom fitted and multi-sensor applications for underwater positioning, dredging and surveying industry.

Quality Policy

Kordil quality policy consist of below items

  1. Primary aim is providing industry standard services oriented as per costumer's satisfaction, valid codes, standards and legislation
  2. To achieve targets in quality, personnel dedicate himself for the achievement and try harder.
  3. Quality accepted as a value, and Kordil's personnel is aware of quality is hidden in details of work.
  4. Kordil's personnel minds each other in terms of quality
  5. Quality is a value not a burden to take care
  6. Everyone working for Kordil is individually responsible for quality
  7. Quality is a value to be considered every stages of work, never allows revision at the end

Registered Corporate Memberships

Chambers of Surveying, Chambers of Commerce, Chambers of Industry, Chambers of Shipping

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